Information about China Tariff

To our customers:
Please be advised that certain materials coming into the US have been affected by the recent tariffs that have been put in place on goods coming in from China. The Celluloid Nitrate that we use for making binding and pickguard material is one of the affected materials. Because some of the material we sell has been purchased after the tariffs went into effect, we unfortunately have to add a surcharge to offset the additional cost to us. Putting certain items in your shopping cart will add a 23% surcharge to those items. We regret this but have no choice in the matter.

Our US importer has applied for an exemption from the tariff on the grounds that because this material can not be produced in the US, we are not in competition with the Chinese for the manufacture of it. If this exemption is granted, we can remove the surcharge once we have sold out of the material that was affected by the tariff.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter,

Bill James